Supplier of packaging wordwide.Paccess Global, Paccess-Sourcing and Paccess-Packaging web environments for multiple sites under the umbrella global company.

Invisioning hired to redesign and build new virtual web servers for all sites.

Worked closely with IT department to establish correctly configured web servers.

Once established, Invisioning setup a development environment for creating branded web sites for each division under the global company.
Additionally the SEO compliance was a built in development process of how we create site foundations and frameworks.
Worked closely with marketing and design departments to establish a unified branding looking and feel between sites .
Once this project was completed Invisioning was tasked to re-brand and redesign global site.

Unique aspect of this project was that the virtual computers are located in a foreign Asian country. Invisionings strong point of being able to remote into virtual machines in Asia meant less overhead or onsite time.  Coupled with the I.T. understanding of setting up hosting services created a winning combination for Paccess.


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