Providing an online solution for building inspectionsThe City of Happy Valley in Oregon was using hand written forms for their building inspections.  Filling the forms out in the field, carrying them back to the building department, handing off to the controller who would then manually input the notes and results of the days inspections.

Invisioning was brought in to develop a online solution to streamline this process and utilize the iPads of each in the field inspector.

Phase 1: Developed a simplified form that builders and contractors could fill out online.  This is exported to a Acrobat Data file that is populated into a form that looked like their original paper forms.  The Inspectors were then able to complete the inspections, submit the results from their iPads and immediately submit the information to the controller and the contractor/builder digitally.

Phase 2: Contractors and builders requested the ability to have their data stored in a location that they could log into and see all current properties under review, the status and have the ability to re-request inspections without having to fill out all the original information again.
Invisioning developed an online application that is mobile compliant to allow storage of the current inspection data.  Allowing contractors/builders to log into the online application and see only the inspections they’ve requested.  Inspectors can log in and assign themselves to specific requests and see all required inspections for that day, responses to the previous inspections and a new feature, the ability to take photos in the field and attach the photos to specific sections of the inspections.  For example, the foundation inspection might need a photo to clarify what the inspector is concerned about.  This in conjunction with a live feed from the building code sections provided a powerful, interactive tool for both sides of the counter.

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